Studio and Demo Recordings

You're Gonna Come Back To Me

This song that I wrote got me lot's of airplay back in the late 70's and made the Top 10 list of several upper midwest radio stations. This song also received a writer's award from the American Song festival.

Right Before Your Eyes

Co-written w/Jack Sundrud at my house in Devils Lake and it's basically the song that took me to Nashville. Jack took it around town and it was picked up and published by Acuff Rose. It was "demoed" by several different artists (Poco was one of them), but in the end was never cut.

She Had A Very Good Idea

Co-witten w/Jack Sundrud in Nashville. This is a basic home demo done back when I was one of the "House Entertainers" at the Ski Resort in Big Sky, Montana. This was recorded on my Sansui 6 Track home studio. I was able to talk my girlfriend Lisa into singing some backup vocals with me. Fun song!

Once They Go They're Gone

I actually wrote and recorded this tune for an album that was being done in Boise that would feature many of the local artists. They approached me and asked me for an "acoustic" tune, but I thought I should cross over and be on the "electric" album for a change. Recorded at Don Cunningham's studio in Boise, and I did all of the instruments and voices. It was a fun project. Thanks Don!

Never Gonna Love Again

Home Demo w/guitar and stacked voices that I recorded in my living room. Someday soon, I'll do the real recording.

Someone Like You

Inspiration came from a good friend and is my favorite original song. Home demo. Lead vocal done by my daughter was recorded at later date. We will be using this song (new recording) in the near future.

The Eyes Have It

Written by Jack Sundrud and later modified by Dave Hanson, and then a little bit by me. Dave produced the track and pretty much had everything ready for me when I walked into the studio, and then let me have a free run with the vocals. Check out the "live" string section.

Talkin' To Myself

Thanks for this one Cris! This track was produced by Jack Sundrud. I remember us remixing and remixing and remixing. Finally...I fell asleep. Jack woke me up and said..."'s all done!"...and it was.

Right Where You Left Me

Bobby Vee had the 1st verse and chorus. I came up with the 2nd verse and the bridge. Bob is a great guy, great entertainer and I loved writing with him. Check out his voice on this demo! He has a newer version of the song on his album "I Wouldn't Change A Thing".

The Cat Song

I keep this around for my Mom. I wrote this song in Viet Nam and she would always request it whenever I played. Home guitar and voice demo.

The Walls

I wrote this song after the Exxon Valdez tradgedy. Jimmy Swaggart had recently denied any forgiveness for Jim Baker (after his well publisized troubles), saying that Baker was a "cancer on the body of Christ and needed to be cut out". Soon after Jimmy had some problems of his own and then asked for his own forgiveness. Wow! Anyway...this is a simple guitar and voice demo and even kind of a condensed version of the way I actuall play the song these days.

Now And Forever With You (A Wedding Song)

I wrote this song some years back for my daughter Leslie's wedding and since then, I've performed the song at many other weddings. I've had the song scored out for piano, so if this is something you'd like to use, let me know and I'll send you the sheet music. This is another Edirol home demo, done at home.

PODIPTO: Northern Minnesota

This was intended to be the A side of a single that we recorded in Fargo, ND in 1974 at Friendship Studios. Kit Grove was the engineer. Karen Lund, Lead vocal, piano, Dan Lund, Lead guitar, John Collins, writer, rhythm guitar, vocals, Wilson Roberts, Bass, vocals, Chet Ellingson, Drums.

PODIPTO: Rainfall Down In Texas

This was the intended B side to the single that we recorded at Friendship Studio in Fargo, ND in 1974. Wilson Roberts, Lead vocal, bass, John Collins, writer, rhythm guitar, vocals, Karen Lund, piano, vocals, Dan Lund, Lead guitar, Chet Ellingson, drums.

Deana Fandango

One of my favorite original songs. Recorded at Audio Media in Fargo, ND. I did all of the vocals,acoustic and lead guitars, Arvid Burns did the fabulous solo volume pedal lead guitar in the middle of the song, Jack Sundrud on Bass, Mike Hornstein on drums. Song was recorded in the late 70's....memory lane.